Luceco and Ensigna Construction shine at Harris Academy Merton

Luceco and Ensigna Construction shine at Harris Academy Merton

Harris Academy Merton is a member of the Harris Federation, a group of 44 primary and secondary academies in and around London educating some 30,000-young people. The federation is a not-for-profit charity created by Lord Harris of Peckham who takes active interest in the success of the academies.

LED lighting technology enabled the academy to be optimised to accommodate assembly areas and the range of different indoor sports activities, as well as a multitude of additional functions within the school calendar.

A notable cost effective and energy saving lighting solution provided by Luceco and Ensigna Construction at Harris Academy Merton was the installation of LED LuxPanels in a double height multifunctional hall with high ceilings. Glare control and adequate illuminance on the vertical combined with good uniformity are necessities in this application.  A 4200-lumen variant of LuxPanel was used to provide lighting levels suitable for many functions including assembly, examination facilities and sports activities.

High efficiency LuxPanels from Luceco are quick and easy to install into exposed grid ceilings, with remote ‘plug and play’ drivers.  Available in standard fixed output, dimmable and emergency options with no maintenance or re-lamping requirements over their lifetime, LuxPanel eliminates the need for high access equipment normally required for lamp maintenance, as well as benefitting the environment in terms of energy efficiency and lamp disposal.

Choosing the right lighting in these spaces can be particularly challenging as a Main Hall is required to serve a variety of different uses.  High efficiency backlit panels provide a solution, have a completely frameless appearance in the ceiling plane and boasting a market leading efficacy of 152 Llm/cW.