Occupied High Dependency Unit

Occupied High Dependency Unit

Refurbishment Project: AAU 4th Floor

This HDU project was completed around some very challenging conditions. The ward consisted of 4 bed bays these were refurbished in phases and each one had to be completed before we started the next. All the bed bays other than the one we were working had remain functional throughout this project and were occupied with patients.

In addition there were a number of shower rooms, toilets, clinical sinks and a nurse station to install.
Each bed bay was had to be completed before we moved in to the next one and our suite segregation and set up re positioned to suit the environment.

  • New bed bays and trolley bays

  • Critical services including new Medical Gases, Nurse call system, UPS and telemetry updates with programmed services interruptions

  • Adaptations to Mechanical and electrical services, HTM64 compliant sink systems and assisted WC facilities

  • Works carried out over 3 Phases within occupied word