Blackheath High School

Blackheath High School


Blackheath High School was opened on 7 January 1880 by Queen Victoria’s daughter, Princess Louise, as the first purpose-built school set up by the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST). The GDST (then known as the Girls’ Public Day School Trust) was established to provide girls’ schools across the country where sufficient local demand existed. The parents in Blackheath, a well-to-do London suburb of large family houses, responded to this opportunity. By 1878, plans had been laid for a purpose-built school in Wemyss Road in the heart of the village.

The Trust went on to establish a family of 26 schools throughout the UK. In 1994, Blackheath High Senior department moved across the Heath into Vanbrugh Park where it remains today. A fully equipped resource centre and a new performing arts centre have been added to this historical site. The Junior school remains housed in the original Wemyss Road site, together with a modern purpose-built nursery.

Blackheath High School is an exceptional school. It is characterised by passionate teaching, open-mindedness, and a warm community atmosphere. In the classroom, their teachers provide the inspiration and support that enable students to flourish. Their girls are outward looking and adventurous; they can participate in a rich array of co-curricular activities and are encouraged to broaden their horizons through meaningful community service and a globally minded approach.

  • New Kitchen extension and dining hall, which was remodelled with a new servery

  • Commercial Kitchen installation

  • Replacement of many mechanical and electrical services

  • New extraction systems for the kitchen area